Seraphina, Maternity Tunic/Top—SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on mummys, relax! Sit back in this maternity/feeding tunic which is stretchy and comfortable. Like it's long dress version, this one also states our style with the spread out and elegant lace detailing. Pair it with your comfy pants and you’re good to go.


Paula, Embroidered Fleece Night Suit—SALE!!!!!!!!!!

Cosy up with Paula; a¬†soft feather-like fleece pyajama suit. The sporty look of this jogger-sweathshirt combination is elegantly complemented by the embroidery at the back in contrast colours. This one’s a winter must have! Made in India, with lots of love.

Ambi, Embroidered Night Gown/Robe—SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ambi, the Indie gown/robe for absolutely all occasions. It’s dressy, its simple, it’s alluring, it’s understated – make a look that’s suitable to you! Beautifully embroidered, this robe is high on elegance and grace. Made in India, with lots of love.